Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

Problem: Chocolate chip cookies don’t have enough chocolate!

Next Level’s Solution: Vary the chocolate and triple the offering. Our triple chocolate cookie includes milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate chips that cater to the true chocolate fans.

Bourbon Vanilla Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

A warm buttery cinnamon vanilla cookie, followed by a sweet chewiness given by the raisin oatmeal mixture. This is my favorite cookie and one of our signature confections.

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Our head chef, Anthony Jenkins, utilizes recipes from his award-winning bakery Elaine’s Confections and couples them Next Level’s Coco Canna Butter to create bite size masterpieces.

Caramel Chews

The homemade brown sugar caramel recipe was initially just an accessory to adorn some of our signature cupcakes. Upon customer request, we turned this companion, into its own main show. The best part of this candy! It dissolves in hot coffee to provide the perfect boost for any morning.

Vegan Products



-Coco Canna Butter

Cooking from scratch that allows for proper dosing, can be done discretely, and make dosing easy. We want to ensure our products are always fresh, that our patients always know the exact amount of medicine in each dose, and children are, discreet